Avengers Endgame made this massive Doctor Strange error, and no one noticed – hollywood

When Avengers Endgame got here out final 12 months, the die-hard Marvel followers went via it with a high-quality toothcomb, ensuring that Russo Brothers managed to tug off the movie with none continuity points. Properly, the movie did create plot holes because it amalgamated moments from 20-odd movies up to now to provide MCU followers a closure of types.

Nevertheless, the eagle-eyed followers appear to have missed out on one mistake. In the course of the time heist because the Avengers embark on three totally different missions to retrieve the Infinity Stones, not the whole lot occurs as per plan. Issues go awry in New York however The Hulk is profitable in getting the Time Stone from the Historic One. As she is seen defending the Sanctum in opposition to the Chitauri, she simply will get the higher of The Hulk.

Refusing at hand over the stone to him, she says it’s the “responsibility of the Sorcerer Supreme to guard the Time Stone”. Nevertheless, she relents when Hulk says that Physician Unusual handed it over to Thanos.

“Unusual is supposed to be one of the best of us,” she says, accepting there have to be a motive why he did so. Nevertheless, this doesn’t tie up with what we noticed within the character’s origin story, Physician Unusual. When Unusual visits Kamar-Taj, she refuses to show him.

“Stubbornness. Vanity. Ambition. I’ve seen all of it earlier than… I can’t lead one other gifted pupil to energy, solely to lose him to the darkness,” she tells Mordo in a non-public concersation, as she additionally speaks about movie’s villain Kaecilius. If she was conscious of Physician Unusual in 2012 when the Battle of New York occurred, why did she refuse to show him in 2016 when Physician Unusual is about? That is clearly a plot gap that averted detection on the time of the movie’s launch.

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  1. That’s not a plot hole.

    6 years has past between the two interactions – and a villian bent on destroying the world was trained by her in that time.

    Amazingly, it is perfectly reasonable for her to change her mind.

    This smells like clickbait.


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